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08 September 2006 @ 11:32 pm
Title: A Bump On The Road
Author: Carolina
Rating: G
Challenge #10 - Novice
Word Count: 705
Spoilers: None
Author's notes: This ended up being so long, I had to break it in half. Part two coming up soon.


At the aforementioned curse, Ryan Wolfe looked down at this hands, fear and hopelessness practically sliding through his veins. "Shit."

"Shit, shit, shit," Eric repeated, looking even more haunted than Ryan, his heart beating wildly still. "I'm fucking dead."

Ryan shook his head. "I'm running away. I'm moving to another state and changing my name. Seriously." His partner in crime never replied and so Ryan looked over, frowned and pushed Eric's hand away. "Stop fiddling with it, you're gonna make it worse!"

Eric sighed and dropped his head. "Shit."

"Excuse me," a woman behind them turned around. "Would you stop saying shit in front of my son?"

Ryan turned around, clutching his one year old to his chest protectively. "Lady, I would appreciate it if you stopped saying shit in front of mine."

The woman looked at him and shook her head, huffed and stood up to drag her little boy across the room.

Ryan rolled his eyes. "Fucking soccer moms."

Eric nodded, though his mind was off somewhere dark and cold. His heart continued to beat wildly and no matter how many times he tried to talk himself into believing this really wasn't as bad as he thought, the little pep talks only fueled his paranoia.

Because really, he was fooling no one. He'd tried convincing himself it was okay, injecting himself with false hope, but what was the point?

"Maybe," he began without conviction. "Maybe Calleigh won't even notice. Do you think she'll notice?"

Ryan looked over. "Do I think Calleigh will notice the fact that your daughter looks like she's trying to grow a second head? Yes, Eric, I think Calleigh will notice."


Ryan looked down at the 8-month-old on Eric's lap, and though her head looked like a planet trying to vomit a red moon into outer space, she wasn't crying, or fussing, or even whining. Under normal circumstances that would please him, but experience taught him it would be a hell of a lot better if she were crying, fussing, doing something other than drooling and staring straight ahead like a demon child. He wanted to believe it was just a bump and nothing more, but the more time passed, the more it looked as if the baby's head was growing a second baby.

Of course, he wasn't going to tell Eric this. It was bad enough that Calleigh would probably shred him into Cuban corn beef (hell, it was bad enough that Ryan himself would get some of the blame, having been at the scene of the crime and all. Fucked by proxy. As soon as Calleigh was done with Eric, she would come looking for him... and then Maxine would take over the remains). Right now, the last thing Ryan wanted to deal with was a paranoid dad.

But Eric's paranoia was already in full bloom. He appreciated the red bump from all angles, but no matter how many times he looked at it, how much he blurred his eyes, how many times he tried to push it the hell back into her head, the bump only continued to grow bigger and redder, to the point where he became convinced it would grow eyes, hair, and teeth, and they would have to name it and raise it as their own.

He was fucked. He was dead. Calleigh was never going to let him near their daughter again. This was it for him, the end of happiness, or life, as he knew it. As soon as she found out, she would call the cops and have him arrested for neglect. She was going to put at restraining order against him and he would never see his daughter, or Calleigh, again. He would lose his job and his home and would forever wander the streets alone, clutching onto an alcohol flask and talking to mail boxes about how the government screwed him over.

His new life, from now on. His life as an eccentric hobo, caused by a red bump on his daughter's head. He was fucked.

And then, a man wearing a white coat and carrying a chart walked into the room, and somehow things seemed to take a turn for the worse. "Eva Marina Delko."


To be continued...
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