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05 March 2007 @ 01:24 am
Challenge #14  
New challenge word.


Definition: (verb) to work together.
Example: To create a truly successful movie, the director, writers, actors, and many others must collaborate closely.
Synonyms: cooperate, come together



1. You have two weeks to finish.
2. Drabbles cannot exceed 1,000 words.
3. All ratings welcomed.
4. Eric/Calleigh fics only, though other characters can be in your story.
5. Please place your story behind a LJ-cut.
6. You can put your story in your livejournal and use a fake cut, if you want.
7. You don't have to wait until Sunday to post your story. Just go ahead and post it when it's finished.
8. If you have any questions, ask below!

Good luck, everyone